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stone honeycomb panel

Product Detail

Ultra thin natural stone honeycomb panel, the surface can be used all the stones including granite, marble, limestone and sandstone, the space technology, while maintaining the natural stone beautiful appearance at the same time can reduce the weight of the stone and reduce the cost, can be used in building and interior decoration, elevator, vehicles and ships and some professional fields. Weight of about 18KG/ square meters, equivalent to the weight of stone 1/5. light weight greatly reduced the weight of the whole building, installation simple and safe. Rugged stone honeycomb panels provide excellent impact resistance and bending strength. It can withstand 10 times the impact of granite 3CM. Stone honeycomb panels can be bent to a certain extent does not break. The stone honeycomb board not only keeps the beautiful appearance of the natural stone, but also eliminates the brittleness of the stone. The product has been widely used in the construction of curtain walls and indoor and outdoor decoration, is one of the most advanced green materials.
Aluminum plate: transition layer aluminum plate 0.7mm, back aluminum plate 0.7mm thick
Natural stone: 5mm, 6-8mm (Rough Surface Polishing Technology Li, fire, water wash)
Aluminum honeycomb core size: length: cellular 6mm (the equivalent of inscribed circle diameter 8.66mm);
Aluminum foil thickness: 0.07mm;
Adhesive: two component modified epoxy adhesive
Conventional thickness: 15mm  20mm   25mm   30mm