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Yellow wood sandstone honeycomb panel

Product Detail

Stone aluminum honeycomb panel is made by sticking only 3-5mm natural stone on the surface of aluminum honeycomb panel. The weight of normal panel is only 16kg/m2.It weights only 1/5 of the same thickness stone panel and 1/10 of the steel panel. It is cheap and convenient to install. It has good effect of sound proof and heat insulation. The impact resistance strength is ten times of that granite of the same thickness. Stone aluminum honeycomb panel not only keeps the decoration effect of the original stone, but overcomes the stone defect that it is easy to brake and very heavy. It has good characters of impact resistant, bending and deflection resistant. We supply a new architecture stone product for vast customers.
Surface Coating: All kinds of Marble Stone and Granite Stone(3mm-5mm stone on the Surface)
Panel Thickness: 10mm to 100mm
Width: ≦1000mm
Feature: Just 1/5 weightiness than the normal Marble, Strong Shock resistance, High Bending Strength, Quick and Easy to install.