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aluminm honeycomb panel

Product Detail

Zhonghang Aluminum honeycomb panel coated with the surface weathering excellent decorative coating of high strength aluminum alloy as the face, slab with aluminum honeycomb core is made by special process of composite plate
High strength: can withstand high pressure shear force, not easy to deformation, can meet the requirements of high-rise building wind pressure.
Light weight: honeycomb aluminum plate weight of only 5-5.5KG/ square meters, greatly reducing the load bearing structure
Surface roughness: without any reinforcement measures, aluminum honeycomb panel size up to 2200*9000mm, and can maintain excellent flatness.
Fire resistance: composite refractory A2 class
Sound insulation effect: air sound insulation 20dB (25mm aluminum honeycomb panel)
Good thermal insulation: thermal conductivity 0.1613W/ (m * K)
Easy installation: can be installed in any order, each wall can be removed, replaced, improve the flexibility of installation and maintenance, reduce costs.
The surface paint used in roller coating technology, using fluorocarbon coatings containing 70%, strong weatherability, self-cleaning ability
Aluminum honeycomb panels have a good temperature resistance, according to different geographical location and environment to use - 35 to +80 C C; special requirements, can reach 100 degrees celsius. Aluminum honeycomb panels can be completely recycled without separation or classification.
We can choose below surface material: aluminum, stainless steel, copper, titanium zinc plate, FRP plate, compact panel, fireproof board, aluminum plate and other materials.