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N.T honeycomb Panel(New)

Product Detail

1. Material Introduction:
Exterior material of N. T honeycomb panel: Fiberglass reinforced plastic panel
Bases: (1) Reinforced raw material: chopped fiberglass
(2) Resin Compound: improved polyester,inorganic fillings, paint.
Inner core adopts imitate structural aluminum honeycomb core, the structure feature like honeybee’s nest. Hexagonal structures make the core beautiful, and lab research also shows that this structure is more resistant of pressure and pull. For its excellent performance, such as anti-pressure, weaken shake, sound-proof, heat preservation, fire-resistant and high intensity, aluminum honeycomb core material is widely used in the field of aviation and spaceflight.
2. Characteristics: anti-pressure, weaken shake, sound-proof, heat preservation, fire-resistant, damp proof (fungus proof, rot resistance), abrasion proof, corrosion resistance, easy cleanness, light weight and high intensity. The coating on the surfaces can be all sorts of colors; even different grains show its unique decorative effect.
3. Widely usage: partition, wall, ceiling material of all sorts of clean room; places of high-required sanitation cleanness: refrigeration and cold store, foodstuff machining workshop, kitchen, pharmaceutical plant, hospital, public places, as partition, wall and ceiling.